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On “getting out” and “staying in”: thoughts from Central Asia

In this newsletter extract, Charlie Buxton looks at the present situation for CSOs in Kyrgyzstan.

Moving on and moving forward

As she moves on, Helen Mealins reflects on her time as INTRAC’s Chief Executive.

Research in Action: Civil society working for conflict prevention in the Fergana Valley

By Arantxa Mandiola Lopez and Michael Hammer. While closely connected to the wider political turmoil in Kyrgyzstan in 2010, the […]

Donetsk, Charlie Hebdo, Fergana Valley… and civil society

By Charles Buxton. At INTRAC’s November 2014 conference on civil society sustainability, I began my presentation with the deterioration in […]

Praxis Note 53. Using Action Learning Sets methodology in an NGO capacity building programme

This note describes how the use of Action Learning Sets (ALS) methodology in Central Asia has enabled NGO leaders and staff to become effective in addressing organisational and operational challenges. This approach has contributed to the overall strengthening of their organisations.

Praxis Paper 21. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Practice: Lessons learnt from Central Asia

This paper records an attempt to develop a fully participative M&E system, drawing on the experience of a team of INTRAC staff working on a civil society strengthening programme in close collaboration with their partners in the five countries of Central Asia

ONTRAC 30. Millennium Development Goals: More Global Targets- Have we been here before?

We are seeing, and sometimes feeling, an increased pressure to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals; with a wide range […]

ONTRAC 28. Moral and Practical Challenges to NGO Neutrality

Traditional humanitarian principles, such as the neutrality of humanitarian aid, are being undermined  within complex humanitarian emergencies and with the […]

ONTRAC 22. Measurement, management and accountability

Much attention has been given recently in development circles to combining quantitative and qualitative methods. This attention has focused on […]

ONTRAC 18. Civil Society Strengthening

Since the end of the Cold War and the reduction in the use of aid to support regimes according to […]

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