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Decolonising consultancy

Explore this hub for all our ongoing discussions and publications on the theme of decolonising consultancy.

Consultants for Change (online) – Oct-Nov 2020

Consultants for Change (C4C) is INTRAC’s innovative professional development programme for those starting out in international development consultancy work or for more experienced consultants.

Why INTRAC? Our Chief Executive Jim Emerson on INTRAC’s role in a changing aid sector

Jim Emerson looks at the issues facing civil society today, and how INTRAC fits in.

Consulting with soul: a Q&A with Giulia de Bernardi on the Consultants for Change training

Ahead of the next instalment, Giulia de Bernardi discusses our Consultants for Change training

The use of consultants in development

By Brian Pratt. As all good bloggers should do, I need to declare an interest here because at INTRAC we […]