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Making it personal

By Rick James This blog is no. 7 in a series of nine on the subject of capacity building: No. […]

OPS 44. Measuring Success: Issues in Performance Measurement

In recent years, calls for greater accountability, concerns about quality, funding constraints and the development of a contract culture have […]

Praxis Note 4. How Should Impact Be Assessed Cross-Culturally?

The assessment of impact involves a number of stakeholders often working within different cultural assumptions, in different power relations to each other. Assessing impact must be considered from a cross-cultural perspective.

Praxis Note 3. How Can Knowledge Transferability Be Managed Across Cultures?

This Praxis Note addresses the important issues of transferring knowledge and best practice in the cross-cultural context within which all development NGOs work.

Praxis Note 2. How Can Capacity Be Built Through Cross-Cultural Management?

This Praxis Note focuses on the processes and practices of capacity building, drawing on results from the project Management and Change in Africa: A Cross-cultural Perspective, funded by Danida and the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

Praxis Note 1. Why is a Cross-Cultural Approach Necessary?

This Praxis Note outlines the crosscultural management imperative and the importance of the project Management and Change in Africa to developing management and organisational capacity in non-governmental development organisations in Africa and beyond.