Tag: exit

Shifting the power while strengthening the resilience of CSOs in Ethiopia

Sosena Lemma and Lucy Morris discuss a chance to “walk the talk” on shifting the power in Ethiopia.

What working with EveryChild taught me about responsible exit

Lucy Morris shares her experiences of exit, working for EveryChild

Ending well

For our series of blogs on exit, Rick James writes about how endings can be a source of hope.

A cautious welcome to the localisation agenda (again) from Indonesia

This entry in our exit series takes a side-step to look at the issue of localisation, as viewed from Indonesia.

In Ethiopia, exit presents real challenges for Civil Society Organisations

In another entry in our series on exit, Sosena Lemma explains how it relates to her work in Ethiopia.

If you can’t exit well, at least exit ‘less badly’

RIzal Malik proposes three ways organisations can exit from their partnerships less badly.

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