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INTRAC Newsletter November 2019

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Praxis Note 58. Reflections on Building CSO Capacity to Integrate Gender and Diversity Equality

Civil society organisations (CSOs) throughout the world are making efforts to enhance organisational and staff capacity with regard to gender […]

Praxis Note 59. Leadership, gender and youth: Reviewing the old and experimenting with the new

  Gender had long been a priority in INTRAC’s programme to strengthen NGOs supporting self-help movements in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and […]

Praxis programme: sharing best practice from experience

INTRAC’s Praxis learning programme formally ran between 2003 and 2011 in two phases. It was set up to enable CSOs to […]

ONTRAC 33. Aid Harmonisation: Challenges for Civil Society

Is the present focus on aid harmonisation, as embodied in the Paris Declaration, yet another attempt to marginalise civil society […]

ONTRAC 32. Washed Away in the Mainstream

Over the last decade the term ‘mainstreaming’ has become an established part of development jargon. It rose to prominence through […]

ONTRAC 29. Diversity and Inclusive Development: Do NGOs Engage Effectively with Diverse Populations?

Two central tenets of NGO ‘good practice’ are that NGOs should be rooted in a particular constituency or target group […]

ONTRAC 17. NGOs Ethics, Accountability and Regulations

The passing of the phrase ‘the Value-Driven Sector’ should not go unannounced. The old notion that ‘Civil Society’ consisted of […]