Tag: human resources

How not to run an international organisation: the perfect case study

By Rod MacLeod. In recent years, large international NGOs have been much exercised with how best to organise themselves as […]

Organisational happiness: a reality check

By Paula Haddock. It’s International Happiness Day today and it just happens to coincide with my last day at INTRAC. […]

Why Mission and Values Matter: a rather Darwinian approach to Sustainability

By Rick James. The NGO sector has plenty of dead wood. NGOs are set up with good intentions, but simply not […]

Well-being at work: Fluff or fundamental?

By Paula Haddock. How many of the following are familiar to you? Heavy workload with evening and weekend work a […]

Nine ways to turn around the dreaded work meeting

By Paula Haddock. “Everything we do depends for its quality on the thinking we do first.” –Nancy Klein In my […]

Making it personal

By Rick James This blog is no. 7 in a series of nine on the subject of capacity building: No. […]

Ten ways to help others do their best thinking

By Paula Haddock. “The quality of everything we do, everything, depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.” […]

Mindfulness for the development sector

By Paula Haddock. Development and humanitarian work can be highly stressful. Funding is tight, workloads are high, the environment is […]

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