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A grassroots glossary: community solutions to communication problems

Guest author Dr Angela Crack explains how a new Chichewa-English glossary of development terms was created.

Respecting Communities: Languages and Cultural Understanding in Development

By Vicky Mancuso Brehm Paying close attention to languages contributes to successful development programmes, according to both international NGO (INGO) […]

Why are languages missing from the Sustainable Development Goals?

Read out latest guest blog by Dr Wine Tesseur from the University of Reading.

Towards a ‘Listening Organisation’? Listening, power and languages in international development NGOs

New research update by Vicky Brehm on the ‘Listening Zones of NGOs’ project.

Listening, power and inclusion: languages in development NGOs. Workshop report

The workshop provided an opportunity for UK-based NGOs and agencies to hear examples of issues organisations have faced around languages and power relations.

Listening, Power and Inclusion: Languages in Development NGOs

How do we ensure that language is not a barrier to effective communication?

The Listening Zones of NGOs: languages and cultural knowledge in development programmes

Please note that ‘The Listening Zones of NGOs’ project has now come to an end. If you want to be […]

Do NGOs need a Languages Policy? New Research on Languages in Development

By Vicky Mancuso Brehm. Most of us who have worked in international development can easily come up with colourful anecdotes […]

Do NGOs Need a Languages Policy?

The workshop ‘Do NGOs need a languages policy?’ was co-convened by INTRAC, the University of Reading, and the University of […]

Academic-NGO Collaboration in International Development Research: a reflection on the issues

In 2012, the Development Studies Association of the UK and Ireland funded a small project involving INTRAC, World Vision UK […]