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ONTRAC 61. Post-closure evaluation: an indulgence or a valuable exercise?

ONTRAC 61 brings together three different perspectives regarding post- closure evaluation: that of an organisation commissioning a post-closure evaluation; that of a consultant who carried out a post-closure evaluation using his own resources; and that of a research team that was commissioned to do a large study.

Go through the door marked ‘Exit’ to reach sustainable development

By Rick James. We’ll never reach sustainable development until we take exit more seriously. So many NGOs pay lip-service to […]

Which way to sustainable exit?

By Rick James, INTRAC Principal consultant. Sustainable exit – it’s the holy grail of development. It’s something we all aspire […]

NGO exit strategies: Are principles for closing projects or ending partnerships necessary?

By Rachel Hayman and Sarah Lewis. Numerous non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are facing the challenge of closing projects and programmes and […]

Praxis Note 50. The means is the end: Reflections on the process of developing HIV workplace policies

  “It’s too much effort. If our donor really insists on us having an HIV policy, let’s just download one […]

M&E Paper 5: The Challenges of Monitoring and Evaluating Programmes

This paper first attempts to present some clarity in understanding the different uses of the term ‘programme’, and then uses the different types of programme to demonstrate the issues that are thrown up for monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

Praxis Note 14. Autocratics Anonymous: A Controversial Perspective on Leadership Development

This note suggests an alternative approach to leadership development , guided by the similarity between the behavioural change processes that leaders went through and some key elements of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Twelve-Step process.

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