First C4C training in Malaysia. By Carolyn Kandusi.

First C4C training in Malaysia. By Carolyn Kandusi.

Over 30 participants from five geographical areas (Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Tanzania and the Occupied Palestinian Territories) are currently in Malaysia attending Consultants for Change Programme’s first training.

This two week training, led by Rick James, Rod MacLeod and Bill Crooks, with support from Programme Coordinator Nicole Titera, is the first of three face-to-face trainings which will be delivered periodically through 2016 and 2017. Training will be complemented by action learning sets, feedback on associated coursework, mentoring, and access to online resources.

How were participants selected for the programme?

Over the past six months we recruited participants from each of the five countries. We were open to applications from anyone that met the eligibility and assessment criteria which were intentionally broad to ensure our cohort had varying experience levels. Applicants did not necessarily have to be someone who was already a full time civil society consultant. For example, they could be part-time or full-time employed with local NGOs, INGOs, UN or a government department, but would have the scope to take time off to do consultancy work.

INTRAC invited shortlisted candidates to attend an interview session which consisted of two INTRAC staff members and a senior civil society practitioner from the recruitment country.

What next?

nama foundation logoThe next Consultants for Change training will be in February 2017.

C4C is managed by INTRAC and is funded by Nama Foundation over a two year period from January 2016 to December 2017.