Helen MealinsINTRAC is delighted to announce the appointment of Helen Mealins as Chief Executive.

INTRAC is currently celebrating 25 years of supporting civil society in overcoming poverty and disenfranchisement, and where space for civic action is threatened. Helen joins us as we operationalise our strategy, which focuses on collaborative working with regional and international organisations and individuals who in turn support civil society in all its forms.

Carolyn Miller, Chair of INTRAC, said: “With all the pressures facing the world, a strong and dynamic civil society is more needed now than ever. We are really excited to have Helen on board. I look forward to working with her in leading INTRAC’s strategy to ensure civil society has the skills and capacity needed to help people improve their lives”.

Helen comes to INTRAC from Uganda where she has been leading the implementation of the civil society focused Democratic Governance Facility (DGF). She has a wide-ranging background in international development both overseas and in London with the UK’s Department for International Development, in individual consultancy, as well as in the private sector. Helen has also worked with public sector policy makers and civil society practitioners in a variety of leadership roles to advance social change in other parts of Africa and Asia.

Civil Society has an essential role to play in challenging poverty and inequality. I am looking forward to working alongside INTRAC’s global network of supporters who are ‘unashamedly for civil society’, and together finding innovative ways to empower local groups, organisations and individuals to take charge of their own futures.

– Helen Mealins upon her appointment as INTRAC Chief Executive

Helen will take up her appointment in late May. She will join a strong team, ably led in the interim by Clare Moberly, which has been ensuring that the organisation continues in its mission to support civil society around the world.