Ana has over than 15 years’ experience working on human resources management and development consultancies in international development, both in-country and at a global level. She has worked in South East Asia with NGOs, international organisations, consultancy firms and government institutions in both post-conflict humanitarian and development environments.

She has experience and expertise in governance, justice, public financial management, revenue and taxation, statistics, trade, education, health, gender equality, domestic violence, water and sanitation sectors.

Ana is passionate about institutional building, organisational development and devising sustainable capacity development initiatives.

She has a strong interest on how non-profits, philanthropy and other types of private social investment models can bring about important positive impact in local communities and in the national and international context. She sees that INTRAC has an important role in strengthening civil society organisations globally in adapting to new models of sustainability.

Ana is based in Oxford and currently works with Oxford HR Consultants, an executive search specialised in international development. She leads on business development in Asia and Middle East regions, helping NGOs, amongst others, identify and appoint transformational leaders, who are inspired to help shape society for the better around the globe.