Chris_DammersChris is an evaluation and planning specialist working in the fields of human rights and conflict amelioration as well as in humanitarian work and development.

His background is work with international NGOs, notably Oxfam GB whom he represented in the Middle East and Southern Africa. He has more than twenty years’ experience of working as a consultant. Chris has worked for a wide range of NGO, United Nations and government clients in a large number of countries, notably in Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. He has also undertaken a variety of research projects on international issues.

Chris’s expertise includes analysis of social, political and economic environments and the appropriateness of humanitarian and other types of intervention; evaluation procedures and methodologies; the development of civil society; and government/NGO relations. His publications include:

  • ‘The European Union and NGOs’, in M. Lister (ed.) (1990) “New Perspectives on European Union Development Cooperation”, Westview Press.
  • ‘Iraq and the politics of humanitarianism’, in C. French and H. Blumberg (eds.) (1994) ‘The Persian Gulf War: Social Science Perspectives’, University Press of America.
  • ‘Iraq: A Disaster for the 1990s?, in ‘Disasters’, December 1991.

Chris has been an INTRAC Associate since 1996. He is a founder member of the Oxford Network of International Consultants.

Chris has an M.A. in Social and Political Sciences from Pembroke College, Cambridge.

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