With a strong background in advocacy and rights-based programming, Malene has 15+ years of experience facilitating Theory of Change based strategic planning and evaluations in complex contexts and developing MEAL frameworks based on Outcome Harvesting and scale based measurements to assess qualitative changes in ‘hard to measure’ indicators such as ‘empowerment’ or ‘resilience’.

Malene’s mantra remains: ‘Theory of Change and MEAL frameworks are only useful when used. Ensuring that organisational processes and values that support the use of TOC and MEAL framework is in place is therefore as important as the strategy or framework itself.

Malene sees her role as much as a facilitator as an ‘evaluator’ or training expert. To ensure that her work is useful and truly answers organisations’ needs, Malene engages with staff to capitalize on their knowledge and ideas. Working with Malene is therefore also a learning journey and a process of co-creation.

Thematically, the bulk of Malene’s experience lies in community empowerment, human rights and democracy, gender and workers’ rights. Malene has conducted several theory of change trainings for INTRAC. Examples of this and other recent work includes:

  • Theory of Change training and facilitation of program formulation on global program on sexual and reproductive health rights
  • Theory of Change training and development of MEAL framework for a country program with a focus on WASH and women’s social and economic empowerment.
  • Development of MEAL framework (outcome harvesting) for a network of human rights organizations
  • Global program evaluation of a workers’ rights program based on an outcome harvesting approach