Marina Raoilimanantsoa is a teacher turned development professional. Her experience in international development started with working for the NGO Village Health Works in Burundi, but she decided she was most relevant in her home country, Madagascar. In her consulting career, she has been working for the World Bank to support program planning and implementation, policy dialogue with government authorities and development partners, and to contribute to analytical work in the education and human development sectors. She also conducted baseline surveys, stakeholders’ mapping, and a study on child protection for ECPAT-France.

Marina is a Fulbright alumna and holds a M.A. in International Educational Development from Teachers College of Columbia University. She has skills in social research, strategic planning, and policy analysis. Her thematic areas of interest and expertise include: education, youth and women empowerment, gender-based violence, and child protection.

Marina is a strong believer in community-led development and is passionate about social justice. She is a founding member of the Her Story Book Project, an association aiming at producing children’s books featuring exclusively notable Malagasy women. She loves being a consultant because it allows her the flexibility for creative endeavors, as she tries her hand (and mind, and body) at writing, dance, and photography.

Marina worked with INTRAC as National Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Consultant for The Development Alternative programme in Madagascar.

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