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Respecting communities in International Development: languages and cultural understanding

Download your free copy of the final report from the project ‘The Listening Zones of NGOs’ in English, Russian and Spanish.

Praxis Series Paper No.3. Strategies for civil society sustainability. Social enterprise development in Kyrgyzstan

This paper provides an example of attempting social enterprise in a country beset by economic and political problems.

Tackling the SDGs through research: how can civil society contribute?

Rachel Hayman shares experiences of impact-oriented research and new partnerships across academic disciplines.

Practitioner-academic collaboration in research to tackle global development challenges

Collaboration between academics and NGOs on research projects can provide opportunities to advance policy and tackle global development challenges.

Strengthening civil society capacity in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan

This GIZ funded project had the overall objective to build the sustainability and capacity of civil society in Kyrgyzstan, in […]

ONTRAC 41. This is civil society

At our conference in December 2008, ‘Whatever Happened to Civil Society?’, more than 140 people from 40 countries got together […]