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Praxis Note 72. Advocacy capacity building using blended learning in complex and fragile contexts

Drawing on course evaluations and interviews with participants this paper shows how blended learning approaches can provide access to high quality capacity building support in remote and conflict affected locations in a cost-effective way.

‘Influencing and Supporting Change in Complex Contexts’ Face to Face training in Nairobi

In January 2015 INTRAC developed and ran a training course in Nairobi, Kenya, in partnership with the Policy and Advocacy […]

Why space and context matter: The importance of being place-sensitive

By Suzanne Hammad. Civil society organisations can be well resourced and legitimate with established structures and strong leadership, yet still […]

ONTRAC 48. Conflict and post-conflict – what role for civil society?

Against the backdrop of popular protests across the Middle East and North Africa region during the Spring of 2011, this […]

Cyprus: Strengthening Civil Society within Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot Communities

INTRAC has undertaken two major programmes of work on Cyprus Cypriot Civil Society in Action Programme 2010-11 Funded by the […]

ONTRAC 40. Civil Society and Aid – where now?

This ONTRAC issue re-examines the concept and role of civil society, focusing on its significance in relation to current debates and practice in development.

Praxis Paper 9. Civil Society Capacity Building in Post-Conflict Societies: The Experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo

This paper investigates the approaches and methods applied to NGO capacity building in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo during parallel and ongoing experiences of internationally determined post-conflict social, political and economic rehabilitation and transition.