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Praxis Note 59. Leadership, gender and youth: Reviewing the old and experimenting with the new

  Gender had long been a priority in INTRAC’s programme to strengthen NGOs supporting self-help movements in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and […]

The Development of Civil Society in Central Asia

This book considers the applicability and use of civil society, both as a concept and in practice, in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, […]

ONTRAC 29. Diversity and Inclusive Development: Do NGOs Engage Effectively with Diverse Populations?

Two central tenets of NGO ‘good practice’ are that NGOs should be rooted in a particular constituency or target group […]

ONTRAC 24. NGOs as part of Civil Society in Central Asia

This article sets out to explore the changing nature of NGOs as part of Civil Society in Central Asia, giving […]

ONTRAC 9. Building the internal strength of urban NGO’s: the right way round or from the inside out?

How do we judge our capacity as NGOs in a realistic way? How do we know if a partner is […]

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