Tag: NGO leadership and management

Praxis Note 27. Executive Coaching for Leadership Development

Coaching and mentoring are increasingly being used as tools for leadership development within civil society organisations. This Praxis Note illustrates […]

OPS 43. Leaders Changing Inside-Out. What Causes Leaders to Change Behaviour?

Our experience of capacity building has shown that for organisations to fundamentally change, their leaders themselves have to change. Leadership […]

Praxis Paper 6. Realities of change. Understanding How African NGO Leaders Develop

The context in which most civil society organisations (CSOs) work is constantly evolving, often rapidly. In response, leaders of CSOs […]

OPS 34. A Study of Women’s Participation in NGOs in Kyrgyzstan

Some argue that the legacy of Communism in Kyrgyzstan has resulted in an emerging civil society that is fragmented and […]

ONTRAC 16. Culture, context and NGO’s

In many ways, the world is shrinking. Rapid advances in technology and transport systems have accelerated communication, created global networks […]

OPS 20. Churches and Organisational Development in Africa

Churches have played a major role in the implementation of relief and development work in Africa over the last four […]

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