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The crucial role of local actors in shaping Syria’s future

Guest blog by Abdulhamid Qabbani. Read, comment, share!

‘In Search of Common Ground’ in Cameroon: Rigorous evaluation on a tight budget

New guest blog by David Drew from Village Aid. Read, comment and share!

Briefing paper 42. Civil society under fire. Three big questions for peacebuilders working with local civil society

Around the world, substantial resources are dedicated to strengthening local and national civil society groups as a means of developing peaceful societies and preventing a return to violent conflict. Yet the emphasis on civil society within peacebuilding policy and practice has come under fire in recent years.

Cyprus: Strengthening Civil Society within Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot Communities

INTRAC has undertaken two major programmes of work on Cyprus Cypriot Civil Society in Action Programme 2010-11 Funded by the […]

Analytical Skills Training Programme in Central Asia

INTRAC’s initial Analytical Skills Training Programme (ASTP) in Central Asia supported local civil society organisations to carry out Action Research. […]

International Civil Society Forum June 2008: Booklet 2 – Civil Society – rebuilding peace worldwide

This booklet is about civil society in peacebuilding – worldwide and on Cyprus. Civil society has a critical role in […]

ONTRAC 11. NGOs and the Private Sector: perceptions, pitfalls and partnerships

NGOs and the Private Sector (PS) are often perceived as being at opposite ends of the continuum of concern on […]

ONTRAC 9. Building the internal strength of urban NGO’s: the right way round or from the inside out?

How do we judge our capacity as NGOs in a realistic way? How do we know if a partner is […]

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