INTRAC’s Chief Executive, Kate Newman, has appeared on the podcast The Power Shift: Decolonising Development. In episode #27, she explores our network-led, ecosystem approach to civil society support and what INTRAC is doing to take anti-racist and localised approaches.

Kate Bird and Nompilo Ndlovu hosted this episode of The Power Shift. During the discussion, they ask Kate to explain INTRAC’s new strategic approach. Kate talks about how our strategy responds to our understanding of a changing international development and civil society sector. Another key topic of the conversation is decolonising consultancy, one of INTRAC’s recent themes.

In the coming years, INTRAC will emphasise ethical and values-driven consultancy. Increasingly, we will be led by a diverse network of consultants. Those consultants will be joined by shared values, and come with strong knowledge of their local contexts while being globally connected.

We are looking forward to learning together across the globe and influencing those who commission consultancy and support civil society to think differently about who, why and what they are commissioning, in order to better enable sustainable locally led organisations in their work for social justice.

Kate Newman

The Power Shift podcast is produced by The Development Hub. Previous guests have included author Edgar Villanueva, Dylan Matthews from Peace Direct, and Sarah Rose from USAID. The new episode is available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. More information about The Power Shift, as well as episode transcripts, is available on the Development Hub website.

For more information about INTRAC’s transformation and emerging strategy, see Paul Knipe’s blog on ethical and values-driven consultancy and Kate’s reflection on our work in 2023.