Dr Andrew MushiAndrew is a Lecturer at Mzumbe University, Tanzania and has PhD in Civil Society and Governance  from the University of Birmingham, UK. His PhD focused on Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the Politics of Engaging Government in Tanzania. His research interests and activities are around governance and democracy especially at local levels i.e. village/streets; social action, activism, and advocacy; ethnography, animation and insider researcher approaches; public policy development and implementation; civil society and NGO development; aid industry, poverty and; NGOization’ of Civil Society. He teaches courses on:

  • Development Policy
  • Civil society
  • Public Policy Management
  • Governance and Ethics
  •  Social Science Research Methods

Andrew used to work with NGOs and Civil Society especially in the areas of policy advocacy and capacity building. He has been working closely with INTRAC in the areas of research and capacity enhancement for civil society.

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