Following the announcement of our upcoming course on funding proposals, INTRAC has added two further new courses to our 2024 schedule.  

Our first course on decolonising safeguarding will begin in early May and will be run by trainers Angie Bamgbose and Lucy Heaven Taylor. In June, we will run a short, three-course on Theory of Change (ToC), overseen by trainer Sue Newport. 

As with the training on funding proposals, both new courses form a part of INTRAC’s ongoing partnership with Bond. Members of Bond can enjoy a 10% discount on course fees. Additionally, the courses are eligible for our training access scholarship (TAS), which makes our training more accessible to those based in many majority-world countries. 

About our decolonising safeguarding course 

This is a safeguarding course with a difference. It will help participants to meet the demands of international standards and partners. However, it will also help to develop a safeguarding policy that is appropriate to participants’ contexts, that is meaningful, and that truly works for communities. Using a combination of methods, the course will help you unpack and challenge the unequal power structures that perpetuate safeguarding harms. 

The online course lasts for six weeks and includes two one-to-one coaching sessions. Full details are available in the course webpage and course profile

About our Theory of Change (ToC) course 

This is a short, online course lasting three days. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and gain confidence in the processes for developing a ToC. This course is particularly relevant for those with an understanding of the concept of ToCs, but limited experience of their development and use.  

Participants will have an opportunity to attend a facilitated Q&A session with the course trainer as well as engage in group work. Full details are available in the course webpage and course profile.