Tag: NGO support organisations

Empowerment through Intermediation: Assessing the Role of Civil Society Support Organizations

The overarching goal of development is to promote policies, institutions and capacities that strengthen the voices and participation of the […]

ONTRAC 16. Culture, context and NGO’s

In many ways, the world is shrinking. Rapid advances in technology and transport systems have accelerated communication, created global networks […]

OPS 30. Institutional Take-Off or Snakes and Ladders

The folklore about village groups or organisations formed by external agents such as NGOs for socio-economic and political empowerment is […]

OPS 28. NGO Support Organisations: Role and Function

This report is aimed primarily at members of NGO support organisations who have an interest in the nature and function […]

ONTRAC 9. Building the internal strength of urban NGO’s: the right way round or from the inside out?

How do we judge our capacity as NGOs in a realistic way? How do we know if a partner is […]

OPS 11. NGOs and Official Agencies: Partnership or Contacting in Development?

Studies have shown that there has been a rapid increase in official aid being made directly available by bi-lateral and […]

OPS 5. Strengthening the Capacity of Southern NGO Partners

Strengthening the organisational capacity of Southern NGOs has been identified as a crucial development strategy by official and non-governmental development […]

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