The M&E Universe, INTRAC’s free online resource for M&E practitioners, has expanded to include a new set of papers on the M&E of advocacy. These papers are written by M&E expert Nigel Simister and advocacy expert Jenny Ross. This forms the first part of the final section of the Universe, focusing on the M&E of Development Approaches.

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What are the new papers?

The M&E of Development Approaches section of the Universe focuses on how best to measure the work that civil society organisations do outside of direct service delivery. These approaches include advocacy, capacity building, and mobilisation. The papers launched in July 2020 focus specifically on advocacy:

  • The core paper on M&E of advocacy is designed as an introductory paper. It describes the different kinds of advocacy work conducted by CSOs, and outlines some of the different types of changes that can result from this work. It also lists some of the many M&E challenges that are unique to advocacy work. It concludes by describing the main purposes of M&E for advocacy work, and outlines how the quality of an advocacy M&E approach can be judged.
  • The paper M&E systems for advocacy work covers some of the main elements of an M&E system (or approach) for an advocacy intervention. It primarily focuses on where M&E processes for advocacy interventions differ from those required in other kinds of social development project.
  • The paper on monitoring advocacy activities provides examples of indicators, questions and progress markers used to monitor different kinds of advocacy activities.
  • The complementary paper on contribution to advocacy outcomes looks at how to conduct M&E in the opposite direction – first identifying a change or set of changes, and then working backwards to try and identify the contribution of a CSO or advocacy intervention.
  • The short paper on M&E of advocacy portfolios describes some different methods that can be used to monitor and evaluate a range of different advocacy interventions around a theme, or geographical area.
  • The final paper M&E tools for advocacy work lists some of the different tools and methodologies that can be used to monitor and evaluate advocacy work.

The introductory paper for the M&E of Development Approaches section as a whole is also available now.

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The new papers are available now.