No 1: Strengthening Small Organisations with Big Ambitions – five toolkits [Download Now]

In June, INTRAC launched a set of five toolkits crafted specifically for small organisations. They cover the following topics:

Exiting and transitioning from partnerships
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)
Partner Capacity Strengthening (PCS)
Strategic Planning

Funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) through a Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF) capacity development grant, the toolkits were created by a mixture of INTRAC staff and members of our network. There are also mobile-friendly, accessible versions of the toolkits, and one of them – on advocacy – is now available in Portuguese.

Further reading: To learn more about the Strengthening Small Organisations with Big Ambitions programme, read the relevant project page.

No 2: The Development Alternative Cookbook for Youth-Led Accountability [Download Now]

The Development Alternative (TDA) was launched in 2019. It was a consortium of youth and international development organisations that came together to strengthen young people’s voice and agency in development. The consortium co-designed and tested a “model for change”, which placed young people at the heart of an accountability process. This aimed to improve the design and implementation of development projects. Published in November 2022, the Cookbook was created by INTRAC to capture and share learning about how to design and run a youth-led accountability initiative.

Further reading: For more information about TDA, read its project page. There is also a news story with more details about the Cookbook specifically.

No 3: Praxis Series Paper No. 14 – The Power of Connection: A PAX joint learning pilot with partners [Download Now]

What does it take for INGO staff and partner staff to learn together as equals?  And how can you deliberately design for complexity and dynamic environments? This paper is the 14th entry in INTRAC’s long-running Praxis series.  It describes an innovative joint learning pilot programme for staff and partners of PAX, the Dutch peacebuilding NGO. The paper was co-written by INTRAC Principal Consultant Lucy Morris, and Jitske Hoogenboom from PAX.

Further reading: All of the previous entries in the Praxis series are available in the INTRAC resource library. These include papers on varied topics including leadership succession, complex M&E systems, social enterprise in Kyrgyzstan, and more.

No 4: Shifting the power event summaries [Download Now – OD / MEL]

INTRAC’s 30th anniversary was in November 2021, and our celebrations continued into 2022. We published two blog series focusing on #shiftthepower, which each culminated in an online event. The first event focused on organisational development (in March) and the second focused on monitoring, evaluation, and learning (in August). Our extensive event summaries capture all of the key discussion and learning, and contain links to the full session recordings.

Further reading: To catch up with every entry in the two blog series, be sure to check out the project pages for each: OD and MEL.

No 5: Dialogue paper: The unique insight of young people – youth, development, and shifting the power [Download Now]

In May, INTRAC gathered five civil society practitioners for a discussion about youth, development, and shifting the power. All of them are 35 or under at the time of publication and were involved, at different times and in different roles, with The Development Alternative (TDA). This dialogue paper collects the highlights from those conversations, focusing on the role of young people in processes of change.

Further reading: A briefer edited extract from these discussions is available as an INTRAC blog, “How can the shift the power process better reflect the unique insight of young people?”

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